Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bill Dakota's complete manuscript is published


 Unedited and uncensored
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ISBN 978-0-615-37758-2
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"The Gossip Columnist" by

 Bill Dakota

This is the title of my manuscript. I was a gossip columnist for many years with my newspaper titled THE HOLLYWOOD STAR. It was published in Hollywood and distributed primarily in California. We had a few distributors across the country, but it seems they rarely ever paid for the papers we sent to them for distribution. But, that's the way this business goes.

We had 120 newsracks on the streets, that we owned in Hollywood, North Hollywood and various other cities in California through other newsrack distributors. It turned out to be a best seller, even outselling glossy magazines like "Playboy," when our new issues came out.

Being the editor and publisher, I was invited to all of the studio screenings, movies shown before they were released to the public. The newspaper was started on a shoe string but we published 30,000 copies and never would go to press until we sold them out. We had our own Quad typesetter, before computers were developed, our own photo printer, and a small office in the basement of an apartment building that I also managed.

It is now 2010, as I write this. I started the manuscript as There are 65 chapters. They can be reached by adding the next higher number after the word columnist. Simple to reach. The blogs have had 8,500 persons reading My Profile. Now it is stuck there stating that is the approximate number because blogspot has become blogger now. Of course not everyone reads My Profile, but, there have been way over 140,427 people that have read, if not all of the manuscript, then specific sections the last two years. It is also displayed on under the same names given to the chapters on blogspot. I like that site because I could add YouTube videos and many more photos to each chapter. Now, YouTube has been tightened up and many songs that fit the chapters have been removed. Whomever posted them on YouTube, did it without permission. I miss the ones I had posted but I guess I will have to live with that.

This is my Hollywood story. I am semi-retired living back in Ohio. I often have to update the material, and supposedly, it was going to be published two years ago. But, the publisher claims he went bankrupt? So, it has become a computer type of printing. Yes, it is controversial. A history of my life as a gossip columnist. Hope you will enjoy reading it. Rated "R" for expletive language, like the newspapers had. The first book ever to have a rating. As a tip for easier access, go to "My Profile" and all of the chapters are listed. Just click on the chapters you may be interested in reading.